About me

I'm an award-winning journalist specializing in online media production and science and medical communications.

With 12-plus years of experience in the commercial Web publishing industry, a hard science background, and an eye for detail, I can handle any challenge. I write well, love to edit and copyedit, work well with teams, and get things done on time. I'm very comfortable interacting with doctors, scientists, and other professional reviewers involved in technical content projects.

As an information designer (UI/UX), I have two unusual areas of expertise:

I'm available for freelance and contract work ranging from writing and editing to specification and interface design.

Subject areas:


Graphics and layout: Experience with Adobe Creative Suite including Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, other programs.

Sound editing and production: Podcast creation, including the rss feed. Radio production using both analog and digital recording and editing equipment -- everything from slicing quarter-inch tape with razor blades to complex four-channel digital editing on a desktop computer.

Video editing and production: Experience editing with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, and compositing Flash video files, slideshows, and graphics into multimedia packages.